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We provide top-of-the-state treatments and procedures for any of our patient’s health concerns. As a team of 9 all specialized in Internal Medicine, we do not only go for good results. We strive for the best. Our treatments range from quick and easy routine checks to specialized treatments for specific health conditions. Our motto is to make the right medical decisions and help our patients receive the right care.

Doctor and Patient



There are a wide range of health issues today, and it has become more crucial to maintain routine checkups or physical exams to figure out these underlying issues. With improving technology, we are able to quickly assess the issue and plan out the best treatment available for you. At East Sunrise Medical Center, our staff are well-prepared to handle our patients with the upmost care. Our exams are suited to evaluate each one of our visitors and ensure they are in the best health condition possible.



East Sunrise Medical, a division of Excelsior Integrated Medical Group, is an internal medicine group led by both Dr. Dashi Bao and Dr. Li Lu that has been providing primary care in both Brooklyn and Flushing communities for years. 

Our team is board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, and we have a great interest in striving for an accurate diagnosis and managing complex cases. Our love to help people optimize our patients’ health is the main reason we strive to provide high-quality care for our community.

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